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Welcome to Indian Association of Greater Athens

Indian Association of Greater Athens (IAGA) is a non-profit association founded in 2008 by Atul Shah, Charlie-Kashmira Udhwani, Nina Desai and Sunita Singh to provide social, cultural, educational, and charitable activities unifying the Indian community in the Greater Athens area while promoting its rich Indian culture.

To learn more about IAGA, get involved or receive event information e-mail: or follow us on our Facebook.

Recent Posts

  • Senior’s trip to ISHA!!


    The day started at 5:30 am. Each rider was treated with a gift bag from American Pride Bank containing a t-shirt, bottled water, munchies and candies. As enthusiastic travelers settled down at 5:45 am, they were provided masala tea and the bus with 55 passengers took off at 6:10 am. Soon riders enjoyed sumptuous “upma” and “thepla with chunda” prepared by Prabha Patel.

    Once at Esha, we were welcomed by Dr Usha Doshi and our inner engineering journey began with a 7 minute meditation abode followed by “trigun and water” offering to the consecrated Shiv ling. We also participated in tying of consecrated “Adi Yoga Sutra” and witnessing the guru pooja. Next we proceeded to, “Aumkar Meditation”. At our lunch break we were treated with special idli, sambhar, salad, and fruit followed by shopping. Lastly we attended demonstration and practicing of, “‘Isha Kriya” before heading to the Global Mall. Each rider was handed bottled water courtesy of Charlie and Kashmira Shah as well as another goodie bag filled with juice, cookie, chips and candies courtesy of Alpa Nilesh Patel.

    On our way back, we enjoyed singing by seniors, rounds of antakshri, thepla and movie, “Kedarnath”. Once at Aashiana restaurant, sumptuous buffet spread awaited us – courtesy of sponsorship from American Pride Bank. We concluded our eventful trip at 11:15 pm with a departing gift of water bottle from Athens Pharmacy handed over by Dinesh and Tina Patel.The seniors were still beaming from all the excitement and fun they had all day long. They thanked IAGA for organizing and had just one question from IAGA volunteers, “When can we go again”? 

    Thanks Kashmira for organizing a exceptional trip and volunteers: Atul Shah, Alpa Patel, Charlie Udhwani, Dinesh & Tina Patel, Mihir Muttu, Nina Desai and Sunita Singh for providing the much needed support.